Maths Stars

The maths competition final - WE WON!!

On Tuesday 27th February 2018 we competed against 5 other schools in a maths quiz final. There were: Woodfall , Our Lady’s Star Of  The Sea, St Winefrides, Meadow and Wolverham. It was held in the Ellesmere Port Civic Hall. As we stepped inside, we were filled with nerves and determination.   Firstly, Chris Marchant (from Liverpool university) told us that when we received the questions, if we got one right, we would gain + 10 points. However, if we wanted to pass to the next question, we would lose 1 point. In the first round we earned 200 points (the maximum number)!

The next  round consisted of four tricky puzzles, each puzzle only one person could touch .We had exactly 40 minutes to complete as many as we could (we competed three, earning 90 points). One of them took us 25 minutes to complete called “Tanagram” - This was the most stressful round!!!                  

The buzzer round

Finally, the buzzer round: a quick, bone chilling, spine tickling, sensational  round of mental arithmetic, containing 40 high speed brain pickling questions! Each team had a buzzer, making a different sound for every school. All of the questions were worth 10 points. At this point, we thought we thought we were going to be over-taken by St Winefrides because they kept buzzing in. After this, the points were announced over a loud speaker and guess what? We won! Everybody started to cheer. We really enjoyed this amazing opportunity and feel very proud.

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