Owls Class Spelling

Spellings for year 2 and 3

Children in Owls Class will receive spellings to learn each week (each half-terms spellings will be sent home at the beginning of the term).  These spellings will be tested each Friday and new spellings given out with the homework on a Friday.  The spelling will be tested in a dictated sentence which must be written down. 

For further information there is a link below to the spelling requirements for year 2, 3 and 4.  The required spelling patterns for year 2 (page 7) and year 3/4 (Page 11 plus) and the required spellings list (page 16) to enable parents to support their chid's learning.

Although these words are to be learnt over both Years 3 and 4, the sooner your child can spell them, the more impact it will have on their English progress as the words need to be spelled correctly when used in general writing not just in a spelling test.  Any help you can give at home to learn these words will be greatly appreciated.


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