Bishop Wilson Travel to the Moon Challenge!

Description: C:UserslhoartyAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5D3KUU4DUimage-150nw-427443607[1].jpg Dear Parents and Children,       9770 KM So Far!

Train like an astronaut!

As we are still going to be fairly restricted in our activities for a while yet, we thought that it would be good fun to try a new challenge which will keep us healthy, fit, happy and teach us some Maths and Science as we go! What could be better?

We are going to attempt the “Bishop Wilson travel to the Moon challenge”!

“How will we get there?” we hear you ask! We will all decide on our own form of exercise: it could be walking, running, bunny hops, skipping…the choice is ours. Parents and all staff are welcome to participate too!

Step 1 Decide how, where and when you are going to exercise. It could be the garden, the living room, the Wirral Way, Burton Woods…each activity could be different.

Step 2 Every time you reach a whole km, make a note. You don’t have to reach a km each day. It could be over a few days.

Step 3 At the end of each week, upload your family total to your Class Dojo portfolio. Each entry you make at the end of the week will earn 4 mitres! Only upload whole amounts. Carry over any remainders to the following week!

Step 4We will total your family kms, add them to ours and see if we can reach the Moon together!

How far will that be? 384,400 KM

The International Space Station is 408km away, so maybe we can stop there on the way! Maybe we’ll go there instead! We will keep the challenge open until September and each week, we will announce the number of kilometres we have travelled on the website each week, so keep watching!

Challenge starts today so get walking/running/jumping/skipping…