At Bishop Wilson we strive for our children to be competent in the three core areas of maths:

* Fluency

* Problem Solving

* Reasoning

Lessons are based upon the White Rose Maths scheme which has been developed by experts in the field of Mathematics.  The scheme follows a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach which allows children to become confident mathematicians.  The files below show the objectives covered in each year group.  Teachers may adapt the order of the objectives covered throughout the year in order to personalise learning to their individual classes.  However, all objectives will be covered during the academic year.  This year we are using the White Rose scheme that ensures recap and revisit lessons from the previous year group are used to catch up any missed objectives during Lockdown.

In Reception children are taught using the Early Learning Goals Number and Shape, Space and Measure.  Their achivements are tracked and shared using online Learning Journeys and their Maths books.


Through Mathematics we interweave our drivers in as many ways as possible.  For example:

Communicators children will use their communication skills to understand and answer Problem Solving and Reasoning questions

Explorers children will explore the relevance and real life links that mathematics has to their daily lives.

Readers we encourage children to read new vocabulary relating to mathematics.  They will understand the meaning of key terminology and this will progress.

Believers children will be confident mathematicians who have the belief and resilience to grapple and persevere to complete Mathematical problems

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