Through our Christian Values, vision and our full and diverse curriculum every child will be challenged to develop and grow academically, personally and socially.

We are communicators, explorers, readers and believers and through PSHCE we interweave these drivers in many ways. We communicate our ideas and explore themes through discussion, drama and in other ways; we read related materials; and we work to believe in ourselves and our ability to develop  ourselves and make a difference to others.

Our PSHEC has a whole-school approach from EYFS to Year 6 with similar themes running across the school each half-term. We have three broad headings which underpin the fundamental aspects of PSHEC: Health and Wellbeing/Safety; Families and Relationships; Citizenship/British Values and Community. We  use the Heartsmart scheme of work for church schools across school as well as elements of No Outsiders to deliver PSHEC and promote equality and inclusion.  There is planned for progression within both the Heartsmart and the No Outsiders scheme of work.  Where necessary, these resources are adjusted/supplemented by teachers ensuring that issues being addressed are age appropriate.  PSHEC / No outsiders are taught discretely although key values are always linked throughout children’s time in school.  Each term there are two Heartsmart units and a selection of other materials.  Finance is generally linked to the whole school topic at the end of the year.  However, if this fits better with another topic during the year, teachers may decide to fit it in elsewhere. We use the Christopher Winter Project to teach SRE.