Curriculum Coverage

Rationale for Curriculum – Bishop Wilson CE Primary School 


What do we intend? 

Every child will access a full and diverse curriculum which challenges and develops children to grow academically, personally and socially.  


Using the joy of the Lord as our Strength and through our curriculum we are:  

  • Readers (we embrace and engage with a wealth of books that inspire and engage) 

  • Believers,  (we know that we can make a difference to our lives and community) 

  • Communicators ( we can express ourselves in many different ways )   

  • Explorers (we take part in new and exciting experiences to help us grow) 


How will this be achieved? 

  • Progression document for all subjects. 

  • Clear planning document addresses all aspects of the intent of our curriculum, and this includes EYFS 

  • Rigorously mapped out curriculum so that all National Curriculum objectives are covered with planned progression of objectives and skills throughout the school. 

  • The curriculum allows flexibility for a whole school project which has impact on the children as joys of our local and wider community (examples are conservation and social justice projects) 

  • Subject leaders with support of senior leaders have clear ownership over their subject areas and understand how their subjects fit the bigger picture 

How do we know it works? 

  • Children are passionate about learning and are engaged. 

  • Children gain a wide range of experiences. 

  • Good outcomes at end of key stage. 

  • Staff lead their subjects well and lessons are delivered in engaging ways  

  • Progression is evident in books and verbally with the children. 

  • Children have a growing independence, resilience and enquiring mind. 

  • Success of past pupils. 

  • Pupils and staff have a drive to share the joy of the Lord as their strength in all that they do. 

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